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Inspirational Stories from New Zealand’s
Leading Changemakers

We all have that inner voice pushing us towards better things, telling us to do more, be more and follow our passions. Find success in your career and beyond with these real-life stories from inspirational Kiwis.

Hear from a world traveller turned top school principal, a corporate banker making a real impact on environmental outcomes, and the biomedical engineer who became New Zealand’s Crypto King. How did these journeys unfold?

Welcome to Listen to the Whisper, the inspirational podcast brought to you by Auckland Online, the accelerated learning experience for changemakers powered by the University of Auckland.

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Podcast Episodes

Reina podcast cover

Writing Your Own Story

with Reina Vaai

From moving from Samoa to New Zealand as a child to becoming a criminal defence lawyer working with some of the most vulnerable people in our community, Reina Vaai discusses the trials of entering Law as a woman, how her Samoan heritage keeps her grounded, the importance of being authentic – and why failure and rejection are never fatal.

Investing in Your Own Future

with Nawaz Ahmed From selling chocolates in the playground to becoming an angel investor, Nawaz Ahmed talks about why he loves entrepreneurship and business, what first attracted him to a career in blockchain technology, what he looks for in a start-up investment – and how networking can help you become less introverted.

Katie Beith podcast cover

Creating Your Own Career

with Katie Beith

From sports science graduate to becoming a trailblazer in corporate Environment, Social and Governance, Katie Beith discusses the importance of finishing what you start, aligning your own personal values with your career, the power of investors to keep corporates honest – and how she took on Facebook and won in the wake of the Christchurch terror attacks.

Heather Podcast cover

The impact and Influence of Education

with Heather McRae

From qualifying as a Chemistry double major to becoming an internationally recognised leader in education, respected School Principal Heather McRae discusses what it takes to be a good leader, the importance of listening to people and their perspectives – and how to create and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

Robyn Whittaker podcast cover

Knowing Your Strengths

with Robyn Whittaker

From dreams of hotel management to a career in medicine, public health expert Robyn Whittaker discusses the importance of finding your niche, how the healthcare and tech worlds continue to merge, the challenges of juggling work and family – and the importance of grabbing opportunities as they arise.

Bob Walker podcast cover image

Planning Your Career

with Bob Walker

From selling burglar alarms on a rough housing estate to becoming a market-leading career coach, recruitment specialist Bob Walker talks (fast) about the importance of having a plan, playing to your strengths, how to turn negatives into positives – and how being made redundant in today’s business world can actually help you find your niche.

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