study online and future proof yourself

Future-proof yourself, study online.

Studying online is a way to upskill and future-proof yourself without ever coming to campus

The future of the New Zealand employment market remains uncertain with the rise of automation and technological advancement. It is estimated that “31 per cent of New Zealand’s jobs are at a high risk of automation over the next 20 years” (Kiernan, 2018). Another 2015 report by the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, entitled Disruptive Technologies: risks and opportunities, estimated that “over 885,000 jobs in New Zealand were at a high risk of automation in the next two decades”, representing approximately 50% of all jobs in New Zealand today. Whilst this is alarming, technology advancement will give rise to new markets replacing old ones, enabling new employment opportunities to emerge. 

Fundamentally, New Zealand must adopt a willingness to “re-invest in training several times in their career and proactively pursue retraining opportunities” (World Economic Forum Report, 2018), to ensure its future viability.

This opportunity is amplified by the ever-changing demands within the working arena, which necessitates the investment for working professionals to up-skill. The New Zealand Productivity Commission in its 2017 report stated that “skill based technological change may mean that a large proportion of working adults will need to upskill and, in some cases, re-credential to stay employed – including those who already hold qualifications”. 

Online learning removes the barriers of place and time 

Typically, however, for many working professionals simply reinvesting in further study is not that straightforward. Many working professionals are time constrained by their ever-demanding lives, comprising of work, family and personal commitments. Allocating extra time to ‘fit into’ another schedule of University study may prove challenging. However, with the emergence of online learning, access to world-class qualifications is much more attainable, as it removes the barriers of place and time. 

Online learning is an excellent alternative to on-campus study, as working professionals can harness the flexibility and ease at which the course material can be accessed.

At Auckland Online, our programmes are designed specifically for working professionals. Our learning modalities and intuitive course design greatly enhance the study experience and enable learners gain their qualifications within a tangible timeframe.

Auckland Online is part of The University of Auckland and offers a range of postgraduate programmes to support working professionals in New Zealand. Please check out our Programme pages for more details.