Postgraduate Certificates, Diplomas

& Masters Programmes

Auckland Online currently offers a variety of postgraduate programmes including Masters, Postgraduate Diplomas, Postgraduate Certificates. Our fully online programmes are designed and delivered by experts in their respective fields to teach relevant, practical coursework that you’ll be able to use in your current role, or roles that you’re aspiring to close in the future.

This online learning experience combines the freedom of digital delivery with the exceptional quality of a programme or degree from New Zealand’s top ranked University. With no on-campus requirements or on-campus block courses you can study in a way that fully fits your life and location.

What are Postgraduate Courses?

Postgraduate study aims to build on your previous education in a particular topic. For instance, if you have completed a Bachelors in Business you are able to advance your education in the subject with a postgraduate diploma in Business, or even an MBA.

In New Zealand, postgraduate means any study at NZQA Level 8 or above, this includes masters programmes, postgraduate diplomas, postgraduate certificates, bachelor degrees with honours, and PhDs.

Postgraduate qualifications are becoming more and more necessary as industries expand and evolve. Find out what exactly a postgraduate course is, the types of courses, and where you can expect a postgraduate education to lead you.

Are Postgraduate Courses Worth it?

As interest in postgraduate courses increases, we want to inspect what benefits a postgraduate education might afford students as we move towards a world where requirements for jobs are on the rise.

Many of the people who pursue postgraduate degrees and certificates are interested in specialising in their field, and these qualifications give you the opportunity to dive into an area that you might be interested in or passionate about. Plenty of postgraduate courses involve projects led by your interests within the field you’re studying in.

The employment outcomes for students who gain a postgraduate qualification are significantly improved, and when held up against other candidates, a masters or postgraduate diploma could make all the difference in advancing your employment journey.

Find out how a postgraduate course can set you on a new path and shift your future opportunities.

How Long are Postgraduate Courses?

Postgraduate programmes vary in length, but there are averages you can expect. For instance a postgraduate diploma will likely take 2 semesters, or a year. If you’re studying full time, this works out to be around 30 weeks. Of course we aim to offer a range of flexible solutions to suit your situation.

We take a look at the duration of our most common postgraduate courses, and the different options you can choose to keep your study flexible online.

Find out how long each postgraduate course we offer is, and have a look at some different options for part-time study.