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Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology (Online)


Learn the principles, concepts and skills required for postgraduate study in psychology.

Entry Requirements

Any degree in any subject


The equivalent practical, professional, or scholarly experience.


1.5 years (part-time)

Next Start Dates

  • 26 February 2024 (Applications close 12 February)
  • 1 July 2024 (Applications close 17 June)

Full Programme Fees


International fees


Programme Overview

The Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology (GradDipAppPsych) is an intensive part-time programme that will provide you with a foundational knowledge of psychology to either advance your current career or lead towards postgraduate study. This programme will extend the knowledge and expertise you gained from your previous studies and professional experience, and build on this by teaching you the principles, concepts and skills required for postgraduate study in psychology. The GradDipAppPsych is highly relevant to those who work in applied professions including education, human resources, allied health, counselling, and caregiving, as well as those who wish to retrain or change career. If you want to gain skills related to applied psychological research and practice in your current occupation or progress to postgraduate study in psychology, this programme is for you.
Please note that this programme requires 25-30 hours of study per week.

Who, What, Why

Dr Michael Hautus is an Associate Professor in the School of Psychology at the University of Auckland, and the Director of the Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology Programme.
Michael’s interests fall in the domain of empirical quantitative research, which includes assessment of sensory systems, and modelling sensory judgments and the cognitive processes involved. His publications also span the areas of memory, pain, auditory neuroscience, mathematical modelling, and the science of decision-making. 

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The GradDipAppPsych is for those who want to develop foundational skills and knowledge in applied psychology. During this programme, you will learn about a variety of topics in applied psychology and how each relates to, and benefits from, relevant core areas of psychological knowledge, including brain and behaviour, sensory and cognitive psychology, lifespan development, learning and communication, social and cultural psychology, models of health and disability, as well as organisational and educational psychology, with an emphasis on the New Zealand context.

The GradDipAppPsych consists of 4 courses that total 120 points. Each course runs for 12 weeks, allowing you to study one course at a time and complete the programme in under 1.5 years (4 Term Sessions).


Course Code




PSYCH 211 Psychology for Society Examines what we do and can know in psychology, and why and how we know it, including ethics, research outcomes, and particular methods. Embeds a focus on the cultural context of Aotearoa/New Zealand within which psychological knowledge is applied. Introduces broad content in preparation for more advanced study. 30
PSYCH 323 Changes Across the Lifespan A range of topics in applied psychology will be addressed with an emphasis on how those topics fit within the traditional organizing principle of developmental psychology. This will include consideration of theoretical perspectives and methods used to investigate the developing mind across the lifespan. 30
PSYCH 324 The Behaving Brain A range of topics in applied psychology will be addressed with an emphasis on how those topics fit within the traditional organizing principle of cognitive science. This will include consideration of the evolved cognitive architecture of minds, and the structure and function of brains.
PSYCH 325 Social Processes A range of topics in applied psychology will be addressed with an emphasis on how those topics fit within the traditional organizing principle of social psychology. This will include consideration of social cognition, social influence, attitudes, politics, and identity.

As a graduate of the GradDipAppPsych, you will be able to:

• Describe and evaluate key theories in a selection of areas in psychology, including cognition, human neuroscience, clinical, gender, lifespan development, health, social, intergroup, communication, learning, organizational, evolution, and behaviour
• Critically evaluate and apply psychological theory to solve real-world or applied problems
• Understand, evaluate, and apply evidence-based methods to answer questions about how people think, feel, behave, learn, and develop
• Interpret and critically analyse data and research reports, as well as the appropriateness of the analytical methods and solutions used
• Design a research study, collecting and analysing data using appropriate research methods
• Reason logically, as well as think critically and analytically
• Understand ethical considerations and evaluate the impact of findings on culture, economy, environment, and society
• Knowledge and demonstrate an appreciation of the historical, political, social, and cultural context of clients, colleagues, and relevant others
• Demonstrate an awareness of the distinctive social and cultural qualities of Aotearoa/New Zealand and the relevance of te Tiriti o Waitangi to practice
• Ability to work independently and in collaboration with others
• Demonstrate respect for the values of individuals and groups, and an appreciation of human and cultural diversity

*Our programme Advisors will provide all official programme information, including regulations about entry, enrolment, course fees, examinations and requirements for degrees, diplomas and certificates as per the University Calendar. Please note that the programme fees are indicative and estimates only. Fees are set in advance of each calendar year and will be updated on this website. Fees are inclusive of 15% GST, but do not include the Student Services Fee course books, travel and health insurance, or living costs. Fees will be confirmed upon completion of enrolment into courses.

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