Student Loan Eligibility for Auckland Online programmes


Similarly to undergraduate study, Studylink offers options for students looking at postgraduate study.

What you can get

The assistance you are eligible for depends on your personal circumstances and study load.

  • You may be able to get a Student Loan to help pay your compulsory course fees. If you are studying part-time for less than 32 weeks in an academic year, you must be enrolled in at least 0.25 EFTS to be eligible. This is the equivalent of 30 points in our programmes.
  • If you have a previous student loan via Studylink, you may be able to get another Student Loan if you haven’t studied 7 EFTS yet. 
  • If you have studied almost 7 EFTS and are now looking to complete a postgraduate qualification, you may be able to get an EFTS extension for up to an extra 1 EFTS of study.


What you need to do

  1. Check your eligibility at
  2. Apply online.

Always refer to the criteria and guidelines on Studylink’s website, and check your eligibility on Studylink’s quiz.


You may also be able to get:

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