Scholarship Options for Auckland Online programmes


Scholarships are designed to make higher education more accessible, recognising academic excellence, promoting specific fields of study, fostering diversity, and supporting personal growth.

Each scholarship has its own set of regulations or requirements, so you need to read them carefully. You will also need to make sure your course of study is covered by the intention of the scholarship.


Am I eligible for a scholarship?

To find scholarships that you are eligible for, we recommend using the University’s scholarship finder. With its built-in filtering ability, you can find scholarships based on your personal characteristics, as well as the type of programme you are enrolling in.

Looking to apply today? Here is also a list of scholarships that are currently open for applications.


What types of scholarships are there?

There are scholarships that are programme-specific, for example:

as well as faculty-specific, for example:


Scholarships also tend to have a wide range in eligibility criteria: 

  • academic merit – these are for high academic achievers and will usually specify a grade point average (GPA) that you need to meet to be considered for the scholarship
  • financial need or hardship – selection is based on your personal financial circumstances, particularly for urgent financial assistance with living costs. 
  • refugee background – students who have themselves or whose parents/primary guardian(s) have been granted refuge in New Zealand

And other personal attributes, such as the following examples:

There are also industry association scholarships available, such as


We encourage you to apply for any scholarships and awards that you think you might be eligible for. Check out AskAuckland for commonly asked questions.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, contact the Student Support Team. For questions about a particular scholarship, award or prize offered or facilitated by The University of Auckland, please include the exact name. For scholarships or awards closing within the next three days, please mark your enquiry as urgent.


You may also be able to get:

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