Particularly amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, the benefits of using online technologies to communicate have been made obvious to all New Zealanders. It’s never been easier to get a world class education online, and increasing numbers of universities and students are choosing this option.

With a range of different avenues to connect with other students, online learning may even become the most popular educational system in the not too distant future thanks to its flexibility. Here’s why studying online is one of the best choices you could make.

Study from anywhere

Another term for online learning would be flexible learning. Constraints of physical location or lengthy commutes that make it difficult to reach campus no long preventing students from furthering your education.

Online education overcomes all these logistical issues. With an internet connection and computer, you’re able to pursue any of our online Masters programmes you wish. Study from home or at your favourite coffee shop – it’s up to you.

Another advantage is that your typical physical-related costs are mitigated. Learning in the digital space means students no longer have to factor in transportation expenses or traditional textbook costs. This helps minimise students’ expenses, and makes higher education more accessible to a wider range of students who otherwise may not have been able to pursue tertiary education of this kind.

Speaking of textbooks, it’s much easier for institutions to quickly update course material (no more buying the latest textbook edition) and manage digital files, compared to traditional hardcopies of the past.

Study at your own pace

Being able to schedule and organise your course load at your own pace is a huge benefit of online learning. Many students have extensive personal commitments such as a full-time job, sports teams, or family. By studying online, students have the flexibility to to study in a way that suits their individual schedules.

When studying with Auckland Online, you’re able to complete an online Masters part-time in 2 years, compared to the standard 3 years of an on-campus programme.

No need to step on campus. Ever.

While some other online learning programmes require students to visit campus for assessments and exams, that’s not the case with Auckland Online. Auckland Online programmes are 100% online. All assessments are completed online and there is no requirement for students to set foot on campus.

While being on-campus has traditionally lended to a large part of the university experience, it’s no longer a requirement. We are seeing increasing interest in flexible online programmes that work around individuals’ lifestyles and schedules.

If you’re interested in furthering your personal development and advancing your career, enquire now today.

This article was written by Auckland Online.